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CE Marking


ST supports customers with a wide range of services.


The initial phase generally provides for the drafting of the specific regulatory framework for the machine or plant in question.


Through a careful inspection on the installation site, a report is prepared, with textual and photographic references, which highlights any non-compliance with the technical standards and the suggestion of possible solutions. This activity can be realized for new machines or plants, for almost machines or for modifications to existing machines and plants.


Inspections may also be required for machines sold or activated before the entry of the Machinery Directive. In this case, the final report will be drawn up in accordance with the previous regulations, as in the case of checks to be carried out at the time of revision linked to safety aspects of existing production plants and machines.


Technical file

With the Technical file we support designers and manufacturers to demonstrate, through the harmonized technical standards, that the design and construction of the plant machine is consistent with the essential safety requirements.


Analysis and Risk Assestment

Risk analysis may lead to a list of non-conformities with the essential safety requirements set out in Annex I of the Machinery Directive: in this case, ST technicians urge the manufacturer to reconsider the design and provide possible solutions. Where it is impossible to eliminate risks without altering the nature and operation of the machinery, appropriate procedures shall be considered by the operator to safeguard himself and the machinery.

This information, identified by the term "residual risks", is highlighted in the instruction manual.

The risk assessment, prepared according to the main reference standards EN ISO 12100-1-2 and TR 14122-2, allows for risk weighting and identification of the appropriate levels of safety functions.


PL & SIL Calculation, Field Surveys, Training

To complete the range of services the ST Team is able to follow:


  • Analysis and management of the machines and systems safety functions for the application of the reliability standards according to the principles established by EN ISO 13489-1 or EN IEC 62061, relating to safety-related control system parts
  • Calculation of PL & SIL levels as defined by EN ISO 13489-1 or EN IEC 62061-
  • Support in the application of the principles of Diagnostic Coverage and Fault Masking in the project phase
  • Sound level and vibration measurements
  • Support to electrical and mechanical design for application of technical standards
  • Training on the application of the main Directives (Machines, electromagnetic compatibility) 
  • Training to perform the risk analysis of machines or production lines in an autonomous form
  • Training to independently perform the calculation of Performance Levels (PL) of control systems





Instruction for use and maintenance


ST draws up instructions for use to be included in the technical file in accordance with the essential safety requirements imposed by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC


Application of EN ISO 20607 (which specifies "requirements for the manufacturer of the machine for the safety-related parts preparation in the instruction manual) and EN IEC 82079-1 (preparation of information for the products use).


ST realizes assembly instructions with the aid of texts or only with the use of graphics, operation-maintenance guides, operating guides and ordinary and programmed maintenance schedules, software instructions, applications, HMI and supervision systems.




Machines Groups CE MARKS

ST offers specialist technical advice to: 

  1. define procurement specifications for suppliers to avoid purchase of goods without the requisite compliance
  2. verificate compliance of the set of machines with the safety and health parameters



​Machines and plants after modifications

ST offers specialized technical advice for the definition of safety measures to be applied to machines and systems in service that needs changes and for possible old-machines re-marking after those ones.


Industry 4.0


Specialized technical advice, in definition of the purchase specifications for suppliers to avoid buying goods without the requirements for facilitations. 

Support to achieve your company’s compliance with applicable workplace safety regulations , as required by paragraph 186 of the 2020 Budget Act.

Analysis of assets, already in charge, to define their compliance with the requirements of the law Definition of technical intervention plans to obtain the compliance of the machines with laws' requirements

Verification of the machines actual compliance with the latest safety and health parameters, as required by Industry 4.0, without assuming the presence of the requirement on the basis of the availability CE declaration of conformity

Writing of technical expertise


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